"...are you experienced?"

 Brian Hibbs

Born in Boone County, Missouri,
pre-teen years spent in Brooklyn,
New York, Brian still somehow vainly believes that he's actually a San Franciscan. Must be the hair. Brian opened Comix Experience at the ridiculously young age of 21, on April Fool's Day, 1989. Brian lives with his luscious wife, Tzipora, and his son, Ben, in sunny Noe Valley.

Brian's Ten Fave Series
  1. Mage
  2. Walking Dead
  3. Swamp Thing (Alan Moore's)
  4. Sandman
  5. All-Star Superman 
  6. Grendel
  7. Preacher
  8. Y, The Last Man Standing
  9. Astro City
  10. Planetary
 Matt Kimbrough

Matt was born in California. When he was eight, his uncle bought him the entire first series of Marvel Universe trading cards, whose detailed biographies on the back of each character's card prepared him for the continuity-rich world he would soon find himself fully immersed in. Soon after, he created his first comic about a man who had cannons for hands that shot out jelly bombs. He also had shoulder-pads (it was the 90s). He abandoned that character long ago, but still has the full set of trading cards.

Matt’s Top 10

  1. Preacher 
  2. Promethea
  3. Scalped
  4. Asterios Polyp
  5. We3
  6. Goodbye Chunky Rice
  7. Hellboy
  8. Planetary 
  9. Batman Year 100 
  10. Skyscrapers Of The Midwest
 Carissa Koo

Carissa grew up in Hong Kong and ended up in San Francisco, which she chose for its mildly unpleasant weather. Her whirlwind affair with comics started when she sneaked a peek at her brother's carefully minted Batman comics and he beat her up. Since then, it has been a sordid life of superheroes, star ships, and Japanese transforming robots. She has other hobbies, but she can't discuss them while the comics are watching.

Carissa's Top 10
  1. Nexus
  2. Madman (original series)
  3. Omega the Unknown (Lethem)
  4. Locke and Key
  5. Conan (Busiek)
  6. Nextwave
  7. The Authority
  8. The Walking Dead
  9. Lucifer
  10. Pluto

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